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Ahmadiyya Muslim

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Society (AMSA) is a group set up by members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community; a religious sect founded 120 years ago. We are distinct as we believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) as being the Promised Messiah awaited by all major world religions. We believe, as he claimed, that he was a Divine Reformer sent to rejuvenate Islam from its current corrupted state and bring it back to its purest form – as a religion of peace and loyalty and freedom and brotherhood. His teachings of tolerance for all of mankind closely resemble the teachings of Jesus Christ, and it is his message which has led the Community to adopt the motto ‘Love for all, Hatred for None.’

It is through these principles that our desire for unity burns strongly, in particular our aspiration that all people, regardless of their religious beliefs (or lack of religious belief) should be able to stand shoulder to shoulder, without mistrust or prejudice or anxiety. The fear of Islam is rife in much of the Western world today due to the heinous acts committed by a minority, and so we feel it our responsibility (and the responsibility of each and every peaceful Muslim) to extend a hand of friendship and build bridges in whichever spheres of life we are able. Thus with this motivation, the society is open to all students at the University, regardless of religion, for the dual purpose of educating others about Islam and for holding inter-faith events, so that with the use of dialogue and discussion, all of us can become more united. We hope that even though beliefs may not be changed, attitudes might be. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the Ahmadiyya community is one considered outside the pale of Islam by many Muslims, a group violently persecuted against in parts of the Eastern world (especially Pakistan). Thus our hand of friendship and our invitation to engage in peaceful dialogue extends not only to non-Muslims, but also to other Muslim groups.

This is not just another religious society created as a means to bring people of a certain specific faith together. Rather this is an opportunity for each and every student to learn about the similarities and differences that exist between us so that we may become less divided and more unified. It is a chance to discuss various different religions and belief systems, to talk about how and why we differ in our thoughts and to be able to socialise with people in a way that we otherwise may not. We believe that it is through educating ourselves and confronting our differences in a tolerant, fearless manner that we can progress as a community, and build a matchless spirit of unity and peace that we all desire. Unity in diversity is a strength which can invigorate societies, a force which can create unbreakable chains of fortitude and resilience, a light which can illuminate the darkness. 



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