We welcome players from all abilities, whether you want to bowl socially with friends, or go on to compete in tournaments.

We bowl at Bowlplex, Five Ways (about 20 minutes walk from the Vale Village or 5 minute walk from Five Ways Station).  We offer our members weekly sessions (consisting of 2 games, but you may bowl more for £3/game) in a league format with weekly prizes available.  There is also an opportunity to receive coaching from an external coach and by current members.

We also have regular socials ranging from meals out, nights out and other activities.


- Social (Guild) membership - £6 entitles you to your next session half price - or free if it's a taster session - discounted prices at our sessions each week.

- Competitive (Sport) membership - £15 (plus £15 Club Development fee if we're the first sports club you've joined this year) - required if you wish to compete in national competitions, which the club will subsidise, including free entry to the freshers' tournament. Sport membership also entitles you to a free membership card that can be used to bowl at the alley for the same discounted rate of £3 per game outside of regular sessions (except Saturdays).  To purchase this membership, follow the link below and press 'Join Now'.

Times and Venues

Monday Night - 7pm-9pm, Bowlplex Five Ways (£6 for 2 games (£7.50 for non-members))

Wednesday Afternoon -  5pm-7pm, Bowplex Five Ways (£6 for 2 games (£7.50 for non-members))


For more information you can contact us using email, facebook, and twitter:


Contact Us

Groups - 0121 415 8950

RA's - 0121 415 8949


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