Support for Pre-sessional students

It’s ok to ask for a helping hand when you get here!

The first few weeks at university are undoubtedly an exciting time, but it’s also inevitable that some challenges will appear along the way.   You are absolutely not alone and we are here to help.

Student Mentors - International Support

Student Mentors are trained to provide free advice and guidance to students living in University accommodation. They can help with a range of issues including:

  • Shared living and accommodation issues
  • Your academic course
  • Financial matters
  • Your general wellbeing whilst living and studying at the University

Student Mentors can meet with you on a one-to-one basis, for however long you need.  They can support you with settling into university life and adjusting and familiarising yourself with your new surroundings.  For example, finding where your lectures will be taking place, getting to know the library, understanding your timetable, as well as finding out what events are taking place across campus and in the local area, plus much more!

Student Mentors can also offer a mediation service to help you work through any flat issues, guidance on keeping yourself safe (including free personal attack alarms) and general advice if you’re worried about a friend or flat mate.

There is no problem too big or too small, so whatever you need help with, and whenever you need it, your Student Mentors can help.

Student Engagement Team

If you’re living in student accommodation then you can get some support from the Student Engagement Team who specialise in supporting international students.  They are there to help you settle into university life and to ensure you get the best experience living in university accommodation. They can provide extra support and guidance to you during your stay in accommodation and many of them are international students themselves who will understand some of the challenges you may face.

Whilst you live in university accommodation, you Student Mentors and the Student Engagement Team will be visiting you regularly and will be your main source of support throughout your time here.

To contact your Student Mentors, including booking a meeting with them then please email: or call 0121 251 2395.

If you wish to contact the Student Engagement Team, please call 0121 414 9022 (Pritchatts Park reception).

Guild Advice - Global Buddies

As an International student, you can also register to receive support from one of our International Buddying Scheme at Guild Advice. Our Global Buddies offer a peer to peer service that provides informal support and guidance to help you engage in your community, meet people from other countries and fully integrate in University life.

To get involved email us via or find all the information you need to apply here.’

Birmingham International Academy (BIA)

Birmingham International Academy (BIA) runs the Pre-sessional Programmes for international students. These are intensive, motivating and challenging Academic English courses. They focus on the language, concepts and study skills necessary for academic success in your degree courses.

During term time, BIA provides in sessional English language support to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying on their main programmes at the University (such as guidance on essay writing, time management and exam techniques).

Contact BIA


Tel: (0121) 414 6209


Visit: BIA is located in the Priorsfield building on Edgbaston Park Road


The Guild of Students, Student Mentor Scheme and the Birmingham International Academy (BIA) host a number of fantastic events throughout your time here.

During the summer, a number of events will be arranged for you take part in.  these include; trips to cities of interest such as Oxford, Cambridge and Stratford-Upon-Avon, trips to historical places such as Warwick Castle and The Black Country Living Museum, fun events in accommodation such as film nights, chocolate tasting and karaoke as well as help exploring your local area and the fantastic city of Birmingham with a train ride and treasure hunt!

From September onwards (Welcome Week and beyond) the Guild of Students will host a number of fantastic events for all students.  Global Buddies also run mixing events all year round for international students, contact for more information. If you have any queries about forthcoming events then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Welcome Guide

For further information about the support available to you, including tips on staying safe, how to register with your GP and exciting things to do in Birmingham, please read our ‘Welcome Guide’. 


Contact Us

Comm. Wardens - 0121 415 8968

Guild Advice - 0121 415 8965

Guild Lettings - 0121 415 8376

Student Mentors - 0121 415 8967

Global Buddies - 0121 415 8963






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