Extenuating Circumstances

What are extenuating circumstances and how does the process work

Extenuating Circumstances are your chance to let your department know about any problems that may have affected your performance in coursework and exams. Depending on what’s happened, they may be taken into account by a Board of Examiners making a recommendation about your progress or results!

ANY health or personal problem that is negatively affecting your ability to study and perform in assessments is referred to as Extenuating Circumstances.

How can I apply?

It’s up to you to let your School or Department know about any extenuating circumstances – and to submit the necessary evidence on time.  Check the deadline for your course and then fill out one of the University’s “Extenuating Circumstances” forms. It’s a good idea to include all the evidence you can, as well as keeping a copy of everything for your own records.


You should inform the University of your Extenuating Circumstances as soon as possible. To inform your department of an Extenuating Circumstance:

  1. Read the University's Extenuating Circumstances process and download the ‘Notification of Extenuating Circumstances Form’
  2. Complete the form as fully as possible explaining in detail how the Extenuating Circumstance is affecting your ability to study. All information you include will be treated in confidence.
  3. Provide suitable third party evidence of your Extenuating Circumstance (see page 3 of the form).
  4. Put the completed form in an envelope marked ‘Confidential’ and ‘For the Attention of the Extenuating Circumstances Officer’ and hand it in to your School Office.
  5. Alongside completing this form, contact your Welfare Tutor and Personal Tutor explaining your personal difficulty and to advise them that you are submitting an Extenuating Circumstances Form. Click here to find out the name of your Welfare Tutor.

What happens if I am unwell on the day of or during an examination

If you’re poorly during an exam – and there was no way to raise this before or during the test – then you’ll need to submit an Extenuating Circumstances form within 24 hours of the exam in question. Don’t forget your evidence!

Who can help me?

Guild Advice – impartial and confidential support and advice

Located in the Guild of Students, drop in between 12noon – 2pm, Monday – Friday

Email: guildadvice@guild.bham.ac.uk

Web: www.guildofstudents.com/guildadvice


The Student Mentor Scheme – support and guidance for students living in accommodation

Located in the Vale Hub, drop-in between 4-8pm, Monday to Friday (term time only)

Email: mentorwelfare@guild.bham.ac.uk

Web: www.guildofstudents.com/studentmentors

Facebook: studentmentorscheme

Twitter: @StudentMentors1


You can read more about Extenuating Circumstances in Guild Advice’s Advice Direct here.


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