Liberation Ideas

This area of Your Ideas is for dedicated Liberation Ideas – and it’s expected that only students who define in the relevant Liberation group vote on these Ideas.

***There are no ideas submitted in this cycle***

You’re receiving an “access denied” message on this page because you haven’t defined as Women & Non-Binary, LGBTQ, Disabled or Black & Minority Ethnic on your My Guild profile.

If you identify as being part of one or more of these Liberation groups, please visit your My Guild profile here and select the relevant identities for you. Make sure you’re logged in first via Guild Website

We would advise all students to read the Zone Guildlines before commenting - This can be found here or at the top of each page.

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Meet your officer team

Every year, a team of Officers are elected by YOU to help you get the best out of Birmingham. Each officer leads a different part of the Union on your behalf – click on their faces below to find out what they do and how to get in touch…

Ellie Keiller - Guild President
Shannon Farmer - Activities & Development Full Time Officer
Adam Goldstone - Education Full Time Officer
Kris Ali - Housing & Community Full Time Officer
Rose Bennett - Postgraduate Full Time Officer
Jess Levy - Representation & Resources Full Time Officer
Helena Bailey - Sports Full Time Officer
Henny Green - Welfare Full Time Officer

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