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A brief overview of how the Guild’s Democratic System works for the 2023-24 Academic Year

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At the Guild of Students, you are able to submit an idea or policy that you feel the Guild of Students should implement, work towards or represent within its work. If you aren’t sure if something is feasible or you just have a question on how the Guild operates, you can also ask those here!

What Is Our Democratic System?

Democratic System Structure

Democratic System Timeline

Autumn Elections

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  • Nominations Open: 18th September, 10am
  • Nominations Close: 4th October, 4pm
  • Voting Opens: 10th October, 10am
  • Voting Closes: 12th October, 4pm
  • Results: 13th October

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Scrutiny Panel

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  • Scrutiny Panel 1 Report Deadline: 15th November, 4pm
  • Scrutiny Panel 1 Reports Published: 20th November
  • Scrutiny Panel 1 Meetings: 28th – 29th November
  • Scrutiny Panel 1 Minutes Published: 4th December

Democratic Events

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  • Democratic System Launches: 18th September
  • All Student Vote 1 Item Deadline: 16th October, 4pm
  • All Student Vote 1 Items Published: 18th October, 10am
  • All Student Vote 1 Opens: 23rd October, 10am
  • All Student Vote 1 Closes: 27th October, 4pm
  • All Student Vote 1 Results: 30th October
  • Decision Making Committee Meetings: 6th – 10th November
  • All Student Vote 2 Item Deadline: 27th November, 4pm
  • All Student Vote 2 Items Published: 29th November, 10am
  • All Student Vote 2 Opens: 4th December, 10am
  • All Student Vote 2 Closes:8th December, 4pm
  • All Student Vote 2 Results: 11th December

Democratic System FAQs

If your question is not answered below please email us at

To support your idea, policy and question, please use our submit your idea platform.

This will go through to our Student Voice  team, who will be in touch with you regarding your submission and it’s progress through the process.

You can also email us any further questions.

The Autumn Semester 1 Democratic Timeline can be found above, the timeline for January 2024 onwards will be released in December 2023.

Would you like to learn more about how our Democratic System works, or to double check how processes and procedures within the system function? Below you will find all relevant democratic procedures for 2023-24.

You can also email us with any intial questions.

Would you like to see what polices and ideas are currently in effect at the Guild? You can view a full list below. When a policy or idea is due to expire, it will be submitted to the most time appropriate All Student Vote, following a review by a Guild Action Group, for renewal.

View all current live policies and ideas.

You can access and review all previous minutes from our Democratic Systems and processes within the last 3 academic years on our Democratic Minutes Page.

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