Become a Rep

Student Reps and Postgraduate Research (PGR) Reps are the voice for students and researchers across campus. They gather your feedback on your course or research programme, and then work with staff and other Reps to make things better.

Student Reps & PGR Reps are part of a wider system of Reps, which includes School and College Reps. Find out more about them here

What will my role be?

You’ll be responsible for representing students or researchers like you at course/programme level. You’ll be invited to Student Staff Forums, where you’ll share student feedback, represent academic interests and work with staff to come up with solutions. It’s also your job to let the students on your course or programme know what’s been done about their issues and concerns.

You can find a full role description here.

What do I get in return?

The Guild and the University will support you to be an effective Rep, through initial training, a local induction, chances to develop your skills and meet other Reps. Your School or Department will also involve and consult you when making decisions, so you will have insight and influence into how things work at Birmingham.

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