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Want to represent the academic interests of students at the University of Birmingham? You can work with the Guild and the University to help improve the academic experience.

Student Reps and Postgraduate Research (PGR) Reps are the voice for students and researchers at the University of Birmingham. Reps gather feedback on their course or programme and work with staff to make real changes to teaching and learning.

Student and PGR Reps are part of a wider system of Reps, including School and College Reps.

You can find out more about becoming a Rep by reading our FAQ's below. Once you are ready, press our Vounteer To Be A Rep button to get started!

As a Student or PGR Rep, you are responsible for representing the voice of the students or researchers on your programme. You will be invited to attend Staff Student Forums (SSFs) where you will be asked to share feedback, represent academic interests, and work with staff to come up with solutions. Closing the feedback loop is also a key part of your role – this is when you let the students or researchers on your programme know what’s being done about their academic issues and concerns.

This year the Representation System is more vital than ever. With considerable changes to learning and teaching, it is important that the student voice is heard at all levels of University decision making. Students may have particular concerns about their academic rights this year, from the quality and standard of their courses and teaching to the frequency of the assessment and feedback on their work – all of which are important to feed back so they can be addressed.

As a Rep, your Programme and Department should involve and consult you when making decisions, so you will have insight and influence into how things work at the University of Birmingham, and can communicate this to your peers.

The Guild and the University will support you to be an effective Rep through training, inductions, and opportunities to develop skills and network with other Reps and staff. The Guild also hosts an annual Rep Awards, an event which recognises the achievements and hard work of Reps.

To become a Student or PGR Rep, all you need to do is:

  1. Read the data sharing Terms and Conditions under ‘Terms and Conditions’ below and check your programme isn’t already oversubscribed under ‘What are the Recruiting Programmes?’
  2. Click the ‘Volunteer to be a Rep’ button at the bottom of this webpage to register your interest
  3. Check your emails. You will have received an automated email with more information about next steps, including training
  4. Complete training to ensure you are registered as a trained Rep by the Guild. If you have signed up over the Summer vacation period, training will be under review and you will receive more information when it is ready from
  5. Check your emails regularly - your details will be passed onto staff within your department who will get in touch with you to confirm your status as Rep”

The main Student/PGR Rep recruitment period usually takes place at the start of Semester 1, but some departments may be accepting early or continuing cohort sign ups.

You can sign up to be a Rep for your department by clicking ‘Volunteer to be a Rep’ below.

Please note, you may not hear back from your department until Semester 1. If you have been a Rep already this academic year, you will not need to complete Canvas training again.

By signing up to be a Rep, you agree to your data being shared between the Guild and University in the ways outlined in the terms and conditions to administer the Student Representation System.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Sign UpTo Be A Rep

  Please note, we are no longer accepting Reps in the following:


  • Year 2 School of Chemistry
  • Year 4 School of Chemistry
  • All Undergraduate Computer Science programmes (except for MSci/MEng 4th years)
  • MSc Computer Science
  • All Chemistry programmes
  • BSc Psych Yr1
  • BSc Psych Yr3
  • MPharm UG

Business School Programmes with the following exceptions:

  • MSc Money, Banking and Finance
  • MSc Management Org Lead + change
  • MBA Distance Learning

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