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Want to represent the academic interests of students and researchers?

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Want to represent the academic interests of students and researchers at the University of Birmingham? You can do all this and more as a Student or Postgraduate Research (PGR) Rep.

Being a Rep is a voluntary position, where you’ll be the first port of call for students who may be experiencing an issue on their course, or within their school or college.

Reps are responsible for gathering academic feedback and working with the Guild or University to resolve any issues or concerns. Essentially, you’re here to help drive change and support students’ academic journey.

If an issue can’t be solved by a Student Rep at course level, it can then be raised with School or College Reps.

Rep Roles What’s The Difference?

There are four types of Rep and each has slightly different responsibilities:

Please note, Reps are only responsible for collating feedback and concerns related to courses and academics. Should you need support with anything of a personal nature or from wellbeing issues, to international or financial support, please contact Guild Advice.

Student Reps FAQs

If your question is not answered below please email the Student Reps Team.

As a Student Rep, you are responsible for gathering student feedback within your relevant cohort and present this in an appropriate and objective manner to the University and the Guild.

You are also expected to provide constructive feedback to the University and work in partnership with relevant staff, within and outside of formal meetings, to reach workable and mutually satisfactory solutions for students.

Depending on your level as a Rep, you may be required to attend staff and student meetings where you can voice the opinions, feedback and concerns of your cohort.

As a Student OR Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) Rep, you will be responsible for supporting the voice of students and researchers within your cohort. No matter what level of Rep responsibility you take on, you will play an integral part of driving change at UoB.

Students will often approach their Reps for support and advice so it’s important that we have enough Reps to be able to help their cohort. If you like the idea of being able to drive change and support your fellow students, then you are exactly the person that we’re looking for, so please volunteer to join the Reps team.

Take some time to have a think about what role is most suitable for you. Reps are a crucial part of academic representation at UoB so it’s important to take some time to consider the role before applying.

Student Reps are the driving force of change at UoB. They support their student cohort by listening to student feedback, comments and concerns, and work to turn this into positive action.

All programmes recruit Student Reps. To learn more about this and the application process please contact the Student Reps Team.

Yes, The Reps Team have access to a small pot of money known as the ‘Academic Engagement Fund’ where Student Reps can bid for a maximum of £150 to support them in running an event with their student cohort. The idea of the event is that it should encourage engagement from members of the cohort who would not usually engage in feedback or events. The money can be used in many ways including catering expenses, gift cards as an incentive for completing a survey or prizes for contributions to surveys. Please fill in this application to get started.

There are benefits to working as part of the Student Reps team, to name a few:

  • You’ll receive full training on the job, so no prior experience is necessary.
  • You’ll have lots of networking opportunities, where you can work with other Reps from other colleges.
  • You’ll gain transferrable skills including communication, teamwork and leadership which are ultimately helpful in career growth.

We really encourage Reps keep a log of their successes to track their hard work - this all works to support them post-University.

Student Reps integral to the student cohort, as they support with leading the student voice internally at UoB.

Student Reps work alongside their courses, schools and colleges and on behalf of students and researchers to support them with their comments, concerns and ideas. Reps are the first people that students go to when they have academic feedback or ideas. The Student Reps then pass it on to the relevant parties or take it to the relevant Staff Student Forum (SSF) where it can be looked into by a member of staff.

All general rep training is provided by the Guild through canvas. 

Any training provided by an individual college will be provided via their own platforms. This can be confirmed with relevant parties at the time of training. 

When you complete your course with UoB, you will be awarded with an Enhanced Transcript which gives you an overview of what you completed and achieved as a student, this includes any accomplishments which were achieved via the Guild.

So, if you complete an academic year as a Rep, you will be awarded with a line on your Transcript which details what you did with us, for example:

  • ‘Student Representative 2022/23’

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Student Rep Recruitment for Student Reps has now closed until January 2024, if you want to find out more about Student Reps please email the Reps Team at

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