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Exam period is over and results day is just around the corner. We know many of you may feel nervous or anxious about your results, but don’t worry you are not alone.

If you don’t get the result you’re hoping for, but believe there were circumstances that impacted you or your academic performance, you may be able to utilise the academic appeals process.

Can I Appeal?

To appeal against your Board of Examiners’ progress decision, you must have a valid reason and provide evidence that your situation was not or could not be fully understood. Examples include:

  • That there were circumstances unknown to the Board of Examiners which contributed to your academic performance and consequently to the progress decision against which the appeal is being made
  • That there was an administrative or procedural irregularity or failure in the relevant assessment(s), which may give rise to a reasonable doubt as to whether the progress decision would have been different if it had not occurred
  • In the case of postgraduate research students only, that there has been bias in the assessment of their thesis on the part of one or more of the examiners

Students will be expected to explain and evidence why they were unable to submit extenuating circumstances prior to their School’s relevant deadline.

We know that you may be disappointed by your results, but simply disagreeing with them will likely result in your appeal being rejected.

When To Submit Your Appeal

You will have 10 working days to submit an appeal from the date you receive your progress decision, this for many students is when the results are released on the Student Gateway. 

You will need third party evidence to support your appeal, this could be from a doctor, hospital, police, or professional organisations.

Support With Your Appeal

If you need appeals advice, would like to discuss your case or want feedback on a draft appeal form before submission, contact Guild Advice.

Guild Advice will even be providing Appeals Drop-Ins so you can have a face to face meeting with a Guild Advisor to discuss your academic appeal. These sessions will be for Appeals only and they will be on a first-come-first served basis. Please have a look at the Guild’s Events page during the appeals periods for further details.

If you need support with another issue, please complete an Advice Request Form.


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