Academic Support

Academic Support Assessment and Wellbeing

Exam and assessment period can be challenging, so it’s more important than ever to look after yourselves and your wellbeing.

Explore our tips on looking after yourselves during the assessment period.

  1. Find time to keep up with your hobbies: exams and assignments are super important but you need to make time for yourself.
  2. Maintain a balanced routine: make sure you’re making time to do the things you need to i.e. drinking water to stay hydrated, getting sleep and relaxing.
  3. Take breaks from your screen: setting a timer is a great way to stay on track of screen breaks, to ensure you’re taking time away.
  4. Allow time to reflect: on what’s going well, if your revision plan is working for you then great, but don’t be worried about switching things up.
  5. Don't be afraid to reach out for support: both the Guild and the University offer academic and wellbeing support should you need it, which you can learn all about in the 'useful resources' section.

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