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University of Birmingham Pakistani Society has been founded on three fundamental principles: UNITY, POLITICAL AWARENESS and CULTURAL EDUCATION.

Pakistan is a land of cultural diversity where more than 60 different languages are spoken. Therefore, the Pakistan Society aims to adapt the characteristics of its nation and present itself as a Society of Cultural Diversity. Being a Pakistani is not at all a member requirement. This club is working towards bridging together a variety of different cultures, in order to give and gain insight on different cultures. 
Birmingham has over 130,000 Pakistanis which is approximately 13 per cent of the city’s population. Birmingham is seen as a main domicile for Pakistanis in the United Kingdom. Over the years, the strong cultural roots once held by thousands of Pakistanis in Birmingham are beginning to die out. With the passage of time, it seems that Pakistani individuals, particularly the youth, are becoming less aware of their culture and heritage. Many Pakistanis living in Birmingham have never visited Pakistan and thus their perception is based purely on the image portrayed by the media. 
We at the University of Birmingham Pakistani Society aim to not only bring the Pakistanis closer to their culture and heritage but also to improve the way the public perceives Pakistanis. Pakistan has produced some of the greatest painters, thinkers, and musicians of all time, including the likes of Gulgee (Abdul Mohammad), Alama Iqbal, and Noor Jehan. There are more than 60 different languages spoken in Pakistan. Pakistani has also produced some of the greatest leaders of our time including Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. 
The youth of today is the future for tomorrow’s Pakistan. The University of Birmingham Pakistani Society hopes to host a range of culturally and politically integrated events that brings Pakistani and non-Pakistani students closer to Pakistan. Pakistan has a rich history that remains a mystery to most of the local Pakistani students. We hope to invite eminent writers and historians to come and speak to the students about their experiences. “Unity” is an innate concept simple to understand but impossible to define. We at the Pakistani Society aim to unite the Pakistani students at the University of Birmingham to form a much needed community.






To ensure that you get what you need from us, when you need it, we have created a set of promises which we will always aim to deliver.

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Every year, you elect fellow students to your Officer Team, who represent you and lead your union. Each Officer has their own roles and remit which you can view below. You have a chance to make sure your elected Officers are doing what they said they will, by attending Officer Question Time held each term.

 Ellie Keiller - Guild President 2016-17
Natalie Cox - Activities & Development Officer 2016-17
Chris Wilkinson - Education Officer 2016-17
Izzie Nicholds - Housing & Community Officer 2016-17
Rose Bennett - Postgraduate Officer 2016-17
Brandon Hattiloney - Representation & Resources Officer 2016-17
Georgie Freeman - Sports Officer 2016-17
Ross Strong - Welfare Officer 2016-17

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