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Beware of Essay Mills

As we go into the revision and assessment period, we’re seeing lots of essay mills advertising to students. It’s really important that you steer clear of them, but what exactly are they? Keep reading to find out.

What are essay mills?

Essay Mills are services that offer to write your assignments for you. While they might advertise themselves as 'Revision Support' at first and claim to be 'Plagiarism-free', using them is breaking Academic Integrity regulations and could result in a Plagiarism investigation.

Here is an example of what an essay mill advert might look like.Graphic demonstrating what an essay mill advert looks like

The Skills and Post-16 Act was recently passed by the Government which will make these services illegal to operate. Therefore, very soon, using essay mills will be breaking the law. If you spot somebody advertising essay mills in your group chats, please report them to the admin and get it removed.

Getting support in completing your assignments

We appreciate that post-pandemic there are additional pressures in submitting your assignments, but there are other ways to get support in completing your deadlines. Please contact your school if you are struggling with anything.

And remember;

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