All Student Meeting

All Student Meeting

The All Student Meeting is an online meeting that takes place three times a year, where ALL Officers and ALL UoB students come together to discuss and collectively make decisions on big student ideas and policy proposals.

Ideas and policy proposals that our four decision-making committees cannot make a decision on, and items related to the Guild’s aims as a charity, may also be discussed at this meeting.

The All Student Meeting also has to be “quorate”, meaning we need a certain number of students to attend to be able to make key decisions. The quorum for All Student Meeting is 1% of the student population (approx. 416 students).

The meeting is led by the Chair of All Student Meeting, and Officers may also take the lead on some items. You can find out more about your current Chair of All Student Meeting below.

ALL registered UoB students can attend and contribute to the All Student Meeting, and you don’t need any prior experience with the Guild to take part.

What Happens If The All Student Meeting Is Not Quorate?

If the All Student Meeting is not quorate, ideas and policies will be referred to an online All Student Vote.

This usually takes place online, and also has to be quorate (416 students need to vote for the votes to be valid).

Students can vote “Yes”, “No” or “Abstain”, and can leave comments. Anonymous comments from students on liberation concerns can be forwarded by the Liberation Part-Time Officers.

Ideas and policy proposals can also be allocated to the All Student Vote if the All Student Meeting is quorate, but students and Officers cannot come to a decision, or they feel that more student input is needed.

What does it mean to cast an abstention vote?

If you choose to put in an abstention vote, this is because for personal reasons or due to a conflict of interest, you do not feel able to cast a “yes (for)” or “no (against)” the motion in question. In this case, the vote to abstain simply means you are contributing towards quoracy.

Where can find out more information?

For more information, please email the Student Voice Team.

You can also talk to a member of your Officer Team.

All Student Vote Results

Explore our All Student Vote results to see the outcomes of student-submitted ideas, policies and beliefs and commitment renewals.

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